Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twisted Grapes Cardigan

I had 13 skeins of wonderful 100% Merino Superwash Sport yarn (about 17,000 yards/650 grams/22.75 oz) in a bright orange mandarin color (that I surely did not like for "my garment").

I dyed one skein with 5 packs of Grape Flavor Kool-Aid:
Original orange yarn on left/ re-dyed yarn on right
Like I mentioned above, I really like the quality of the yarn and once I was able to re-dye the yarn into a color I liked, I designed the Twisted Grapes Cardigan:

I am not completely done with the cardigan yet... I ran out of yarn (had used 10 skeins) before I finished the second sleeve... So I just dyed another skein to finish up the last 12 rows of the sleeve.

Oh yes, before I forget, the cardigan is knit from the top-down with set in sleeves = completely seamless (not sewing!).

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  1. what will the size range be, Vera? It is lovely!