Wednesday, February 1, 2012

fanm pou fanm (women 4 women)

fanm pou fanm (women 4 women) is a micro-business project that serves the poorest women in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Vera and her friend Mary Ann, conceived and started the project and are diligently working to grow the project.

Women learn to crochet and make the bag (pictured in photo). The bag is then sold to women in the U.S. and Germany.
Sample Bag

The women are paid per bag they finish and the other half of the profit will be contributed toward their children's tuition payment for school. A woman who makes 3 bags per week has enough money to feed herself and up to 3 children.

Each bag will have a tag with the woman's name who crochet the bag and a photo with a short biography.

We need your donations. I am leaving to Haiti, the end of March and our goal is to take enough supplies to make 200 more bags:

We need donations of:
*  50 crochet hooks (size U.S H/8 - 5 mm)
* 80,000 yards of worsted weight cotton type yarn
(dishcloth yarn, etc. will work, no 100% acrylic because it is too stretchy)
= 800 of 100 yard skeins or 400 of 200 yard skeins

Also, any small cash donations will help.They can be mailed to:

International Child Foundation, Inc. 
11449 N. Mandarin Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85737
Make checks payable to “International Child Foundation” and make a note on the check that it is for the “Famn pou Famn, Haiti” project.
International Child Foundation is a 501(c)(3).

Please send me an email at or pm Mary Ann on Ravelry, maprehn, for a mailing address for the donations. All donations must be received by March 15th.

Thanks a million! Please read my Rav profile (sunfunliving) for some background on me... Vera :)

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  1. I may have goofed. I went to the International Child Foundation website and sent a donation via paypal that way. I did add a comment in the comment section, but now I see I should have mailed a check in instead? Will you still get the donation? Sorry if I goofed it up.