Friday, May 18, 2012

Why I love Friday Night Knitting...

Why I love Friday Night Knitting…
Every Friday evening, I meet with a group of friends for knitting. We help each other solve knitting problems, give each other knitting or life advice, have some dinner, drink some wine, and have a good time.
Tonight, Anne, (I changed the ladies’ names) one of the groups’ regulars had a story to share of what happened to her on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday afternoon… Anne just recently had a birthday and she has been feeling really good about herself, or so she explained as to the reasoning as to what happened next. She was at home alone last Wednesday night, her partner was on a film shoot, away overnight, and here she was feeling good about herself. Thus, she decided that she should order a “pocket-rocket” for those times that she was feeling good about herself…
She logged onto her computer and did a google search for a “pocket-rocket”. “Wouldn’t you know it, Amazon had them for $17.99! Amazing price! So, I placed an order with them.” Anne explained.
Amazon offered her the “quick order option” which she clicked on: Thank you for your order Mary, was the message that came onto the screen. At that moment, Anne realized that Mary had used her computer to order some toys from Amazon for her niece’s birthday four weeks ago. Apparently, Mary had never logged off her Amazon account and now, not only had Mary’s credit card been billed for Anne’s pocket-rocket, but it was being shipped to Mary’s former employer! (Mary had just started a new job last week.)
It was too late to call Mary to inform her of Anne’s pocket-rocket mishap. So, Anne decided to call Mary in the morning.
The problem was that Mary accidentally left her cellphone at home the next morning and had gone to work without it. When she logged onto her computer at work, she saw the pocket-rocket order confirmation email from Amazon in her in-box. Mary totally freaked out! All sorts of thoughts went through her mind, including that a stalker must have hacked into her Amazon account to send her a “pocket-rocket”.
“Of course, have you ever tried to reach somebody via phone at Amazon? It is impossible! Finally, I was able to reach somebody through the chat option.” Mary learned that the order for the pocket-rocket had already shipped out by time she reached somebody at Amazon. The representative credited Mary’s credit card and told her to just refuse the package once it arrived. Mary had to call the mailroom person at her old job to ask him to refuse the Amazon box that was coming in her name. (She did not tell him that it has a pocket-rocket in the box.)
In the meantime, Anne tried to call Mary to explain about the accidental pocket-rocket order, but could not reach her because Mary’s cellphone was at home while Mary was at work.
It was not until that evening that Anne was able to reach Mary…
In case you were curious… Anne did go back online and ordered herself a pocket-rocket with her own account information, however, the estimated delivery time is now 4-6 weeks as the pocket-rockets are on back order. Mary has Amazon Prime!

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  1. I am going to start the lovely Cascade Luna Summer Lace Panel Tshirt, but I see that the pattern reads, "Color 1, color 2, color 3" and yet it appears to be all one color. Am I missing something???? Thank you. Nancy