Saturday, July 2, 2011

Albuquerque, NM - The Yarn Store at Nob Hill

Wednesday, June 29th:

We had the chance to visit and start a knit along for the Lacy Butterflies Cowl at The Yarn Store at Nob Hill ( 

If I ever had a chance to create my own yarn store, I would want it to look and feel like this store. Everything fit together so well, the store is Fung Shui in all aspects. 

From the minute we stepped into the store, we felt at home, the owner (Teresa) and staff member (Liz), the knitters, the environment, the lovely yarn... everything just calls out to you:  "Come, sit down, relax, knit, create... make friends and laugh!"

The store has five different areas where knitters can sit and knit (open knit during store hours).

One of the Sit & Knit Areas
Another Seating Area - Look at the Needlework Supplies!

The selection of yarns was great too. It was almost as if my patterns were designed for the selection of yarns the store carries. 
The Yarn Shop carries at least 6 different yarns that are perfect for
the Hollywood Flair Top-Down Tunic

My Crazy Aunt Purl's Tank Top displayed in the Yarn Shop - perfect yarns are Berroco's Seduce, Gedifra's Amara and Lang's yarns whose name escapes me at the moment

The Yarn Store carries three different yarns
that are perfect for this tank top.

Many of the yarns are made by environmentally concerned and fair trade concerned producers. Other yarns are produced by smaller independent dyers from the New Mexico area. 

Hand Dyed Yarns!
Great Selections!

Some more shop photos:

The store has the most wonderful natural sun light throughout which is great for knitting! 


  1. Vera, it was such a wonderful treat to have you and yours come and spend the day with us. Please come back again soon. Thank you for your lovely words. We felt the same about you.

  2. Vera, I'm heading out toward LA in August! I'll scan your blog again for the name of the store you call home -- but please let me know which ones are the "must-see" stores between there and Albuquerque!

  3. My home store is Unwind in Burbank. I will post a blog entry with all the must-see stores along the ABQ to Los Angeles route. There are some must-see stores in the Los Angeles area too.