Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flagstaff, AZ - Purl in the Pines

Monday afternoon - June 27th:

We drove from Kingman, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ in the afternoon and had a chance to stop by Purl in the Pines, the only yarn store in the Flagstaff area.

Unfortunately, I was not able to connect with the yarn store owner in time to organize a workshop, thanks to SPAM mail folders (apparently that is where my emails had ended up).
Purls in the Pines is a really nice store with a wonderful selection of a great variety of yarns. The store carries a large selection of Cascade Yarns. I am not partial at all, I swear! :) But it was cool to see all the Cascade yarns that I have designed patterns for.

Some of my favorite Cascade yarns is the Ultra Pima yarn, for which I designed: The Miami Beach Shawl, The Rose Garden Shawl, and the Love Lace Leaf Yoke T-Shirt.

Another favorite Cascade yarn of mine that the store carries is Sierra, for which I designed the Sierra Summer Lace Wrap Cardigan.

And, not to forget the Venezia Yarn, which I used to design the Not Your Boyfriend's Sweater and the Top-Down Lace Panel T-Shirt.

In addition, the store has a great selection of Berroco yarn of which I really like the Remix Yarn because it is great yarn for men's sweaters. Also, the store has a nice section of Merino Lace Yarns that include Malabrigo and Lacey Lamb.

The store also carries lots of knitting bags, needles and accessories - of which one of my favorite were these dice stitch markers:

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  1. I went to that yarn store when my daughter and I were in Flagstaff for a college visit. It was absolutely beautiful and I went way over budget but it was well worth it! Lovely store.