Monday, June 27, 2011

Kingman, AZ - The Spinster

Monday, June 27th:

Yesterday afternoon, we arrived in Kingman, AZ. When I say we, I mean my friend Pia, my daughter Mishell and my little dog Buddy. Aside from Buddy, Pia and Mishell are avid knitters as well. 

We checked into the Ramblin Rose Motel (what a name!) and knit for a few hours, waiting for cooler evening temperatures. In the evening, we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant in downtown, but not before finding The Spinster yarn store where we will visit at 10 a.m. today. 

The store looks really nice from the outside. It looks like a lot of spinning and weaving takes place at The Spinster, in addition to knitting and crocheting. I could see a large selection of Louet Euroflax yarns through the window! 

Also, I was able to see the price tags and the prices of the yarn is $4 less than its commonly charged price in Los Angeles yarn stores. What a pleasant surprise! I am in love with this yarn. I have three patterns that can be knit in Euroflax and I have made one top in this yarn. Because it is linen, it feels like twine in your hands before it is knit. If you are a wool knitter and only want the wool texture, then you might have a difficult time adjusting to work with this 100% linen yarn. But, if you can "hang in there" and deal with the different texture, I promise you, the result will be soooo worth it! Once the garment has been washed, the 100% linen fabric is a dream! It has the most wonderful drape and it becomes soft! 

Above is a photo of the Sabrina A-Line Pullover (sleeveless version) that can be knit in the Euroflax yarn.

I want to knit another Hollywood Flair Tunic (sleeveless version) in the Euroflax yarn. 

Both are knit from the top down (love knitting that way), the difference is that the Hollywood Flair Tunic has a rounded neckline whereas the Sabrina A-Line Pullover has a v-neck shaping. Decisions, decisions.... 

As we were peeking into The Spinster's shop window, I also saw another yarn that I have been wanting to work with. So far, I have only been able to pet it in one of the Los Angeles yarn stores. It is the Louet MerLin Sport Weight yarn. It is 60% Linen and 40% Merino Wool yarn, so it is softer on the hands when you knit it. 

I cannot wait for it to be 10:00 a.m. (It is 6:00 a.m. right now.)

I will post shop photos and an update this evening.... :)

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  1. Vera, RFP knitster here, I can knit with you in Flag this afternoon, I'm occupied until around 2:30 but I'm free just about then. Ruth