Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The way we knit...

I am staying out of town for a week. When I am out of town, I always make a point of visiting local yarns stores. In Costa Mesa, California, there is a yarn store: Knit Schticks. I went there this evening and knit with a fun group of ladies. If you are ever in that area, this is a store worth visiting. There is a lovely collection of yarns! I bought some Louet Euroflax because I am planning on making another Crazy Aunt Purl's Sweater.
Anyway... In the conversation, some of the ladies talked about how the way we knit really reflects our personality. As an example, she talked about her friend. Her friend is a really tight knitter and her personality is “tightly wound”.
So that got me thinking, if the way that I knit reflects my personality, then I am FAST and LOOSE!? 

Hmmm…? :))
P.S. I am almost done with the second sleeve. I am hoping to post some update photos tonight. 

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  1. BradleyAnn1@aol.comJune 13, 2011 at 4:45 PM

    Just ran across your blog. I, too live in the Los Angeles area and learned to knit when I lived in Germany as a child (maybe 50 years ago). My two favorite yarn stores are Vellona's in Yorba Linda, Ca and the Daily Yarn in Murrietta, Ca. Three or four times a year I go in an stock up then I spend the rest of the year knitting it all. Happy knitting!
    Dr. Ann